When you play Prep in a big game, it is one of the most unique game experiences in the state. Fueled by the famous Cathedral Prep student section, the atmosphere when Prep plays is filled with excitement and unmatched spirit. Year in and year out the Prep student section has been called "the best student section in the state." Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has called them "the best" a couple of times, including last season.

The Prep 6th Man is among the most innovative, passionate and sometimes intimidating fans in all of Pennsylvania. They are copied, but never matched. In fact the Prep student section was the school to first introduce the "roller coaster" cheer to basketball fans around Erie. After it's inception during a 2009 playoff game, it has been used all over the Erie area.

Year after year, the student section helps give the Ramblers a distinct advantage at home and away games. Each year leaders emerge at the forefront of the student section, donning crazy costumes (George W. Bush, Batman, Wendy, etc.) and sharing their unrelenting vocal chords and witty cheers.

"Erie Cathedral Prep played North Hills in a Class AAAA boys' game later in the day at Edinboro. Erie Prep has to have the best student section in the state. They're creative with chants, they're loud and they're funny. They sang "Sweet Caroline" and "Living on a Prayer" at halftime, as well as some other songs. They did it without any music. But the most unbelievable thing Erie Prep's student section did was this: All of a sudden in the middle of the game, one of the students was in nothing but a Speedo swim suit as he was dancing in the middle of the section. Police and game officials eventually got him out of the crowd and made him leave the gym, " said Mike White in his blog during the 2009 season.

They Said It..... 

"...anytime you play Prep in a big game at the Hammermill, that student section is unforgiving..." -Tom Reisenweber, Erie Times News

"Its been a tradition, they have been doing that for years and they come in droves." - Terry Shields, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"...they by far have the best student section in the entire state...." -Mike White, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"It was deafening." - Jim LeCorchick, radio host, on the Prep crowd during the 2012 Sweet 16 game.

"We told the kids before the game that this was going to be the loudest place we will play all year," Greg Plumb, Nichols coach

"...Cathedral Prep has brought a very boisterous student body with them... ." - Dennis Fischer, Hampton radio host, on the Prep crowd during the 2013 Sweet 16 game.

"When it comes to the "sixth man," The Dribbler hasn't seen many better than Cathedral Prep's. The Ramblers boast one of the top student sections in the state." - From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
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